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“Childcare is Economic Development” Research

I just ran across this story in the Ft. Wayne (Indiana) Journal Gazette about a movement there to look at the impact of childcare on local economic development. Here’s a short excerpt:

“Quality child care is an important and often overlooked tool for spurring economic development, economist Morton Marcus said Monday in a speech at the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce…

The report concludes that child care has benefits much further reaching than simply the parents of the child. Businesses benefit because parents are more productive when they know their children are cared for and safe. Child care could also be a selling point to attract young, skilled workers to the region. And children also benefit because research shows they perform better in school when they have received quality care during the first six years.”

Here’s a link to Cornell University’s database of Childcare Economic Impact Studies.

Here is a link to a report by the Upjohn Institute on the economic impact of strong preschool.

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