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Building Better Futures for All Children

Early childhood educators and programs celebrate the Week of the Young Child to highlight the importance of quality care and education for young children.  WOYC is an annual opportunity to reach out to families and communities, reminding us all of the vital role we play in giving children the foundation needed to succeed in school and beyond.  (Journal of the NAEYC, Young Children, Nov 2006)

The theme for this years event is “Building Better Futures for All Children” and is scheduled for April 22-28, 2007. 

We should put together a fun and educational day/evening during that week for the community to see that early education is a good investment!   (A good follow-up to “Going Forward, You Bet!”)

As we did last year, we will hold a Pajama Party and Pancake Breakfast at the Montrose American Legion with games and raffles.   The date for the breakfast is scheduled for Saturday April 28, 2007.


Going Forward! You Bet!

We have come together and now I feel we are falling apart?!

Why?  We lost site of this blogs purpose!  Joe started something good- let’s keep it that way!  Going forward should be our purpose!

Together, we need to remember the real issue before us- the importance of child care.  If  those of us who feel child care is pertinent to the growth of Montrose, then we need to do something about it!  Discussion only goes so far.  I believe that is what the community is telling us.  So, let’s move on!

The petition was rejected!  Yea!  But, do we want people questioning the day care every year, month, day?  Let’s get a community meeting scheduled so we can find out the facts of their concerns, address them, and find a solution (as Joe recommended).   Then act on those solutions!

An interesting quote I found speaks for itself.

       To laugh often, to win the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false freinds, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch…to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.  This is to have succeeded!          -Emerson

 To leave the world a bit better means we might need to get involved to benefit our families, our community, and ourselves! 

Enter a post if you are interested in getting involved in a constructive meeting to move forward!

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From the Circulator

updated 10/12/06: I broke my own rule when I posted this a couple days ago. I’ve crossed out the bad stuff and only left the factual info. I was mad when I typed it, and shouldn’t have. No more he said/she said, OK? Bad me. Very bad…

I’ve heard from three sources now (people who were visited at their front door by The Petition Circulator over the weekend) that the main message was basically ‘the City is spending lots of money on the daycare and it’s bad for our taxpayers. We’re going to spend $78,000 this year on it.’

Well, as usual, this is only half truth. The City’s budget is a little over $78,000, but that is just expenses. The Circulator conveniently forgot to mention the Revenue that will mostly (if not totally) cover the expenses for the year. As of Sept. 30, the City has spent a net of $618. That projects to a total net expenditure of $824 for the entire year of 2006 (and City staff say the Daycare could break even or better by December).

Just thought you might want to know…

Comments are always open!


Many attended last night’s special council meeting regarding the 2007 budget. The outstanding point of this meeting was that both sides of the issue were able to voice opinions. I will not say that is was always calm, when you are passionate about something it is difficult to keep an even tone. However, everyone present walked out knowing that to keep Montrose thriving we need growth of the community!

Discussion was held on how that occurs…through community unity and customer service. Many people brought up how important unity in a small town like Montrose. One friend, writes often in her blog that” it takes a village”. That was discussed too. Why can we come together to help one family but when your neighbor on main street makes a buck, we are envious!!

I will be the first to say that Day Care is not a very profitable business. However, using knowledge from years of experience, the day care is on track to be in the black. By hundreds of dollars?? Probably not, but enough to make do, yes. And what if the Day Care does make money? It will only benefit the city!

More children, more familes, more growth, more Montrose. Who doesn’t want more for our village?

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Sunday update

A few thoughts and tidbits:

  • I want to clarify some numbers that seem to have confused at least one person (and maybe you, too). In a post a few days ago I compared the $1300+ it would cost our City to hold a special referrendum election to the $1032 it would cost the City to operate the Daycare, on average, for all of 2006. Here’s an explaination of my math: On the “quick facts” page, I shared the most recent numbers from the City (a net cost of $732 as of Sept. 16). Dividing $732 by the 8.5 months of operation so far this year (Jan. 1 – Sept. 16), you get the $86 per month. Now take $86 per month times 12 months for the whole year and–whammo–you get $1032 as the estimated net cost for the City to run the Daycare for 2006. There’s the math, bare naked…
  • I’ve intvited MC Daycare director April Johnston to join the Soundboard as an author, so look for a post or a few in the near future. Welcome to the Soundboard, April. I’m open to adding other authors too, so if you’re interested and have something to say, let me know!
  • The comments so far on Soundboard have been all in favor and support of a City-managed facility (like we have now). If you disagree with me or any of the comments, please speak your piece! This site isn’t intended to be an argument, but it is for healthy debate and learning from both sides of the story. So, comments are open–please post no matter what your opinion is on the issue! Thanks.
  • Friday was a busy day on the Soundboard. As of right now, this blog has enjoyed 424 views since it launched on the night of September 19. Friday was the best day ever with 224 views.

Thanks for reading the Daycare Soundboard…now I need to get ready to watch the Vikings wallup the Bears…[Sunday night update: oops!]

Update on petition

I had the numbers wrong in my last post. 18 valid signatures would be required to trigger a special election. I had said 8 in a post yeterday…sorry!