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Petition rejected

Just returned from the special City Council meeting held tonight at the City’s finance office. The meeting lasted all of five minutes. To make a short story shorter, the City’s attorney provided his opinion that the petition that was filed, attempting to refer a line item of the city’s budget pertaining to daycare, should be rejected. And that is exactly what the Council did. Following the council’s rejection of the petition, the Petition Filer announced that she will not sue the City or carry this any further.

In a nutshell, there will be no election. (Hooray!)

I asked the Council to consider holding a community gathering sometime in the near future where a dialogue about the daycare could take place. If there is a better way to do this, then let’s all figure it out together and let’s do it.

Comments are always open!


City Council Meeting update

Here’s a quick recap of the info from last night’s City Council Meeting (at least the stuff about the budget petition, anyway):

  • The petition that was filed is valid, with at least the required 19 (18.2, actually) valid signatures.
  • The City is holding a special meeting to decide its next step on next Tuesday at 7pm.
  • There is a possibility, according to City Attorney Lammers, that the referendum would not be legal because the Daycare was created by an Administrative Decision way back when and should have been referred then. The budget line is just carrying out that administrative decision from some years ago. (The attorney will be working out the legal mumbo-jumbo this week).
  • If the City Council decides Lammers is right, they may reject the referendum as illegal. This would put the ball back in the Petition Circulator’s court. She would have the option of suing (at her own expense) the City and asking the court to rule Lammers’ opinion incorrect and force an election. Under this scenario, if The Circulator doesn’t sue the City, this whole mess would be dropped. If she does, the City would have even more legal expenses defending itself in court.
  • If the City (or Lammers) decides the referendum would not be illegal, then they will schedule a special election for late November or early December.
  • Which ever way this pendulum swings, the City Council has ten days from yesterday to make a decision and either schedule an election or reject the referendum.

This is my take. Anyone with another (better) explanation, please jump into the fray by posting it in the comments!

The Petition is Filed

Word from City Hall is that Melanie Fiferlick filed a petition for referendum today with 48 signatures on it. The petition, if valid, would force the City to hold an election on a line item veto of the Daycare budget for 2007. If passed the referendum would, according to City staff, close the Montrose Community Daycare as we know it, effective January 1, 2007. The City would no longer be able to accept revenue or pay any expenses, and all 8 employees would lose their jobs as of that date.

There is a regular City Council meeting tonight at 7pm. Pat Waechter is on the agenda to ask questions about the daycare, and Carol Flickinger (City Finance Officer) will discuss the petition during her report.

I am working now to update the impact numbers as of Sept. 30. The Daycare has cost the City a net of $618 for this year so far. For the month of September, the Daycare has a net income of $1041.