This blog is an open conversation about the Montrose Community Daycare. It is a forum to discuss all things daycare–particularly the daycare’s impact on our community. Positive and negative opinions are welcome. Please keep things rated “G,” and always keep an open mind. To post a comment, just click on the little quote box next to “Comments” on the top of each post.

Soundboard is a blog by Joe Bartmann. Joe is a lifelong Montrose area resident and parent to two Montrose Community Daycare kids. Reach him by emailing joebart33 [at] gmail.com. His wife, Jaimie, is an appointed member of the City’s Daycare Advisory Board. Other authors will be invited to post occasionally. Thanks for visiting!

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[thanks to the Back in Skinny Jeans blog for the diagram]


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  1. joe bart on

    I’d like some feedback on the design and layout fo this blog. Is it easy or hard to read the text? Anything else that stinks or could be better? Thanks for your input!

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