Building Better Futures for All Children

Early childhood educators and programs celebrate the Week of the Young Child to highlight the importance of quality care and education for young children.  WOYC is an annual opportunity to reach out to families and communities, reminding us all of the vital role we play in giving children the foundation needed to succeed in school and beyond.  (Journal of the NAEYC, Young Children, Nov 2006)

The theme for this years event is “Building Better Futures for All Children” and is scheduled for April 22-28, 2007. 

We should put together a fun and educational day/evening during that week for the community to see that early education is a good investment!   (A good follow-up to “Going Forward, You Bet!”)

As we did last year, we will hold a Pajama Party and Pancake Breakfast at the Montrose American Legion with games and raffles.   The date for the breakfast is scheduled for Saturday April 28, 2007.


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    Hi Mary u2014 Thanks for the advice! Actually, I’ve started replacing the dreaded F-bomb with “fluff”, as in “You fluffin’ cats!!!” It started as a jo Click

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