More “child care is economic development”

South Dakota Rural Enterprise creates new program to develop daycares.

“(Beth) Davis said, ‘Quality childcare is essential to any community realizing its dreams for the future.’”

The Community Development Society published this “Articulating the Economic Importance of Child Care for Community Development” report in Summer, 2006.

“The Cornell Linking Economic Development and Child Care project has used the symbol of the three petals of a trillium flower to represent the three most distinctive dimensions of the economic importance of child care: its implications for child development, parental labor force mobilization, and regional economic development. ”

“..the impacts on children cannot be segregated from the welfare of parents; the impacts on parents cannot be divorced from the health of the economy in which they live; and the health and sustainability of the economy cannot be separated from the prospects for its children. “

I also updated the Quick Facts page with the latest available numbers from the City of Montrose.


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