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updated 10/12/06: I broke my own rule when I posted this a couple days ago. I’ve crossed out the bad stuff and only left the factual info. I was mad when I typed it, and shouldn’t have. No more he said/she said, OK? Bad me. Very bad…

I’ve heard from three sources now (people who were visited at their front door by The Petition Circulator over the weekend) that the main message was basically ‘the City is spending lots of money on the daycare and it’s bad for our taxpayers. We’re going to spend $78,000 this year on it.’

Well, as usual, this is only half truth. The City’s budget is a little over $78,000, but that is just expenses. The Circulator conveniently forgot to mention the Revenue that will mostly (if not totally) cover the expenses for the year. As of Sept. 30, the City has spent a net of $618. That projects to a total net expenditure of $824 for the entire year of 2006 (and City staff say the Daycare could break even or better by December).

Just thought you might want to know…

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  1. Nancy on

    I was one of those people visited by said petitioner. In fact, I have visited with her at length about this issue. I think that she has done an excellent job of explaining the situation. At no time have I been confused or had a question that she could not answer and most importantly, she has pages of facts and figures that come directly from the Montrose City Finance Office to back her up.
    I think it’s great that the daycare is on track to break even or maybe even show a profit for 2007. The issue is that it has not in its entire existance. As a tax payer, I think it is time to fix the problem and stop stuffing money down a rat hole. There are other places the money could go that would have an impact on more people. Now, I’m not saying that the daycare should just be closed, but it is certainly not out of line to expect it to make its own way at this time.
    As I understand it, this line item referendum will ensure that this happens. It will make the daycare pull its own weight by not allowing the City to write checks that would cover any expenditures above and beyond the current budget plan. If the daycare falls into the red zone and can not pay bills or meet payroll, the city can’t cover it as it has been doing for years.
    I noticed that your expected loss for this year has decreased. That’s great too!
    I just have to ask…At anytime during this situation has anyone ever mentioned raising the rates at the daycare? The current projected loss translates to $68.67 per month. If you divide that by the 24 daycare families, that would only be $2.87 a month per family. It seems like so little to fix such a huge problem. I suggest raising the rates to make sure that the budget for 2007 happens. I would think that most of the daycare parents would not mind giving up one 12-pack of Coke, or a pack of cigarettes, or a beer to ensure that the wonderful, quality daycare that they have become accustomed to, will not close.

  2. joe bart on

    I have also visited with her at legnth. And I’ve visited with a number of people who’s doors she knocked on. I keep hearing the same stuff, and some of it is just incorrect. When I wrote the above post, I was admittedly perturbed. I shouldn’t post when I’m mad, and will try not to again.

    In regard to your question about rates, Nancy, the answer is yes. Rates have been revamped and/or increased each of the past two years, and are scheduled to increase by 5-7% (depending on your full or part-time status) on January 1. This was voted on by the City Council a couple of months ago.

    Daycare parents have also organized three fundraisers in the past two years. I don’t know exactly how much was raised, but it all went into the City’s general fund. We (the parents) have also donated many items to the City for use at the Daycare. Things like toys, books and furniture. I can’t speak for all the parents, but I’m pretty sure that we could all agree to raise enough money to ensure a break even status by this year’s end, and future years too. I wish we could have all talked about this option before any petition was unneccessarily filed.

    I’ve said it before–dialogue, not legal fights, is the only solution that will fix this issue. An election will fix nothing–it just means that some people will win and some will lose. It won’t change anybody’s mindset.

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